Screed Buddy System

What is the screed buddy system?

 Screed Buddy System is a patented technology purposefully designed and made in Australia to remove protruding wastewater pipes from concrete foundations. The Screed Buddy System is no ordinary cap, with its specifically manufactured formula that offers durability and flexibility.

Once installed, Screed Buddy System has a unique ability to indicate its location on the level concrete foundation after the concrete has been poured and it self-cleans so that is easy to locate.

Screed Buddy System is designed with an outer lip to provide clearance for suitable coupling and the ability to be fitted with minimal obstruction or cleaning. It will protect the pipe from damage and also eliminate.

The Benefits of the Screed Buddy System

  • Reduces workplace hazards – Risk of fall or tripping from exposed pipes
  • Reduced wages – You won’t need additional labour to repair
  • Reduces chance of debris entering the pipe
  • By saving 3.3m of pipe per house (based on a 4 bed 2 bathroom house with 11 screed buddy’s) you can save on waste and materials going into land fill.
  • Concreters improve the process and finishing standards; easier & faster to screed with no pipes inthe way.
  • Lay mesh easier & safer during preparation without pipes being in the way whilst carrying, laying & cutting mesh around them.
  • Achieve a better FFL (flat floor level) during the finishing process by eliminating the hand screed around extruded pipes.
  • Reduce body fatigue by removing the movement of bending over to hand screed around every pipe.
  • This aids the tiler, whose bathroom & wet areas are drastically flatter before the tiling process starts. No grinding or levelling is needed, which is a common rectification.
  • The framers can quickly flick chalk lines to start the framing process. They can drag pre-fab frames over the slab without breaking pipes, drastically improving their setup/build time.
  • Scissor lifts can easily drive over slabs with multi-story builds.
  • Leave screed buddy on the pipes during the build process, until they are ready in each room to fit off. Stops debris & rubbish getting stuck in pipes, stops broken pipes before the plumber gets to the site.
  • Australian owned and operated business
  • 100% recyclable

What pipes can the screed buddy system cover?

The Screed Buddy System is available for several pipe sizes as shown below. It is easy to identify the size of the pipe even after the concrete application as each screed buddy is a different colour to correlate to the respective pipe size.






Size and Pricing Overview

List Price
(ex GST) per unit
(inc. GST)
SKU Pack Qty
Internal Coupler 40mm (pink) $ 10.50 $11.55 SB-I40 20
Internal Coupler 50mm (yellow) $ 10.50 $11.55 SB-I50 20
Internal Coupler 65mm (blue) $ 10.50 $11.55 SB-I65 20
Internal Coupler 80mm (green) $ 10.50 $11.55 SB-I80 20
Internal Coupler 100mm (orange) $ 10.50 $11.55 SB-I100 20
External Coupler 40mm (pink) $ 18.00 $19.80 SB-E40 20
External Coupler 50mm (yellow) $ 18.00 $19.80 SB-E50 20
External Coupler 65mm (blue) $ 20.00 $22.00 SB-E65 20
External Coupler 80mm (green) $ 20.00 $22.00 SB-E80 20
External Coupler 100mm (orange) $ 20.00 $22.00 SB-E100 20
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