What is Durabar?

Durabar is a Glass Fibre Rebar Polymer (GFRP). GRFP is a composite fibreglass rebar used as an alternative for steel reinforcement mesh used for residential driveways, paths, shed concrete slabs, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Where to use Durabar

  • Residential Driveways
  • Residential Pathways
  • Landscaping
  • Shed Slabs
  • Tennis Courts
  • Sleepers
  • Off-Form Concrete
  • Pool Decks

The Feature Highlights

75% Lighter than Steel

Lightweight reinforcement doesn’t just make your job easier.  And it’s safer, too. As GFRP is lighter and easier to transport around site, it means that one team member can do more, without the increased risk to their back and joints.

2x Tensile Strength of Steel

Durabar GFRP is specially engineered to control shrinkage. Their larger 10mm diameter bars feature a 1000-1100MPa tensile strength, compared to steel’s 400-500MPa—that’s double the strength. And with a 40% higher bond strength than steel, GFRP allows you to lay your slab with complete peace of mind that it’s going to set stronger.

6-8 Times Less Materials than Conventional Steel Rebars

Switching to GFRP could save you up to 50% on material and labour costs compared to steel reinforcement.  Unlike traditional steel rebar, GFRP provides exceptional flexibility in your projects. Easy to place, and even easier to cut, you get better precision, no matter the size or design of your slab.

Easy to Transport 

With GFRP You can transport more materials on your truck, meaning you get more reinforcement on site at one time. You don’t use as much fuel, helping you reduce those costs that build up over time. 

Why Choose Durabar?

Non corrosive or conductive

Material doesn’t corrode and offers high resistance to chlorides and alkali.

Durabar is particularly suitable highly corrosive environments (exposed to water, salt and humidity)

Durabar is also non conductive making it the perfect reinforcement solution for high voltage currents and magnetic fields.

Cost Effective
Durabar is incredibly cost effective when compared to steel mesh reinforcement. 11 bars are required to cover 14.4m2, the equivalent of 1 sheet of steel reinforcement where bar spacing is 500mm. The cost is $78.65 for 11 bars. 

 Durabar is more sustainable with significantly less energy required and CO2 emissions, both at production stage and for its transportation and installation generating a lower carbon footprint

Design Optimisation 

Durabar has a bond strength of 10 MPa               allowing shorter lapping length.

Durabar can also substitute steel bar of a larger diameter – or increase the rebar spacing. Further savings on the concrete cover, resulting in reduced concrete volume

Durabar is extremely durable allowing for a longer lifetime of the structure. As no maintenance nor repair work is needed Durabar generates savings during the whole project life.

Simplified Installation
Durabar is delivered in 5.8m lengths and each bar weighs around 900 grams and is 10mm thick, making it easier to carry and reducing labour required for installation by 2x -3x when compared with tradition steel reinforcement.

Durabar Pricing

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. Please also note that for all pavement slabs 11 bars are required to cover 14.4m2, the equivalent of 1 sheet of steel reinforcement
(bar spacing 500mm).


Glass Fiber vs. Steel Rebar Savings Estimator

Your Slab Dimensions (㎡)

Slab length (m)   Slab width (m)

Your Current Price Per Sheet ($)


Slab dimensions: ㎡; ≤ 100-180mm slab thickness

  SL62 Reo Mesh SL72 Reo Mesh SL82 Reo Mesh SL92 Reo Mesh
Total Material Savings $ (% less)
based on $/sheet
$ (% less)
based on $/sheet
$ (% less)
based on $/sheet
$ (% less)
based on $/sheet
Total Weight Savings kg kg kg kg
# of steel sheets needed
# of 10mm GFRP bars replaced with
(500 c/c, 400 lap length)

(500 c/c, 400 lap length)

(450 c/c, 400 lap length)

(400 c/c, 400 lap length)
Costs per ㎡ Steel $/㎡
Steel $/㎡
Steel $/㎡
Steel $/㎡

Durabar Application

During Durabar installation place chairs at spaces to ensure adequate concrete cover. Tie materials can be steel wire or connection accessories. We recommend using a tie gun during installation. Contact us to check availability to hire one from Enviro Slab. Be careful when cutting the fibreglass rebar. Please ensure to put gloves on for hand protection.

11 Durabar rebars covers around 14.2m2 with the bars spaced at 500mm, the equivalent of one sheet of steel reinforcement.


Technical Guide

Testing Tensile Strength


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