Diamond Grid

What is Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid is a durable surface stabilisation and erosion control system. Diamond Grid is made from 100% recycled, UV treated polypropylene and is engineered for loads to withstand up to 1000 tonnes per square metre. The product has been load tested by the Facility of Engineering and Surveying Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites, University of Southern Queensland and Sageos CTT Group and found to withstand loads more than 300 tonnes per square metre when empty or over 1000+ tonnes crush resistance per m/2 when grids are filled. Diamond Grid also has up to 96% permeability creating an ideal system for drainage.

How Diamond Grid Began

Diamond Grid was originally designed for use on farms to help Aussie farmers solve degradation issues, during extreme weather conditions such as drought and floods. Diamond Grid was commonly used to assist with suitable soil stabilisation for cattle yards, driveways, and feed paddocks.

After rigorous testing it became apparent that Diamond Grid could also be used for other applications due to its durability, anti-erosion capability and surface stabilisation.

Before and After Diamond Grid

Before Diamond Grid

The ground surface is battered with erosion, tyre ruts and mud after long spells of rain, representing a risk to foot or vehicular traffic.

After Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid cost-effectively delivers and maintains a permeable surface that eliminates mud, erosion, and runoff, a safer, tougher, and more durable surface.


Diamond Grid Applications




7-12 mm stone

7-12 mm stone

7-12 mm stone

7-12 mm stone

7-12 mm stone

7-12 mm stone

Crushed stone

Crushed stone


Suitable applications with Diamond Grid

Heavy vehicle/Access roads – 

Diamond Grid has been used for several applications including, golf course access roads as well as for civil and industrial sites including mine sites with heavy machinery without compromising on strength or durability.

Roads/PathsDiamond Grid has also been used for roads and pathways. Some pathways include walking and bike tracks as well as camping areas and more. Rural roads and golf course tracks have also successfully installed Diamond Grid.

Driveways – Diamond Grid can also be used in residential settings such as driveways with your choice of fill option.

Shed/Workshop Floors - Given that Diamond Grid is capable of being used for large mine sites it is also able to be used for shed and workshop floors delivering a surface suitable for both industrial and domestic vehicle traffic.

Car Parks – Public car parks are another space where diamond Grid can be successfully applied with the chosen fill option.

Landscaping – Diamond Grid can also be used during landscaping. It is ideal when it comes to paths with the chosen fill option. In addition, Diamond Grid can also be used for other landscaping options such as turf or grass stabilisation.

Rural – Diamond Grid can also be used for rural applications. For example, the product has been successfully applied to the floor of horse stables and high traffic areas that are used for livestock.

National Parks – Diamond Grid has also been used in National Parks as a way of helping to protect and reduce damage to natural habitat. The Stanley Nut is just one example of where Diamond Grid has been used for Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife.

Aeronautical – There are areas that Diamond Grid has been used at aeroplane hangers and even taxiways for some aircraft.

Benefits of Diamond Grid

  • UV stabilised
  • Relocatable
  • Easy interlocking system
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Uses up to 91% less concrete
  • Australian made

Diamond Grid vs Comparable Surface Solutions

Diamond Grid is engineered for loads of up to 1000 tonnes per square metre, making it an ideal alternative to traditional concreting.



CEEFC Compression Test Certificate

ALS Compression Test Certificate

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